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Terms & Conditions

Q3 Demo Incentive - GoTo Resolve and Rescue


Just 4 easy steps can get you a payout of up to £/€1,600 per qualifying customer and closed sale! Here's how to:
1. Complete new ‘IT Management and Remote Support Tools 101’ training course and complete a GoTo Resolve or
Rescue demo with our Solutions Consultant team and earn £/€100!
2. Arrange a GoTo Resolve or Rescue demo with one of your prospects and the GoTo SC team and earn £/€500!
3. Close an IT Solutions sale and earn £/€1,000!

Other terms and conditions
General Guidelines. Partners will complete the IT Management and Remote Support Tools 101 training course through Partner Exchange to achieve first payout. All demo trainings must be scheduled through SC team. During the Promotion Period, qualifiers will receive the incentive(s) listed above for the corresponding activity on qualifying accounts. All opportunities must be qualified by a GoTo Solutions Consultant before participating in any customer demo. Opportunities must have a minimum TCV (total contract value) of $3,000+ to qualify. Renewals and add-ons are not eligible for the incentives.

Promotion Period. The Promotion Period begins July 1, 2023 and continues through September 30. 2023. To count a deal within the Promotion Period, the customer must have completed the IT Management and Remote Support Tools 101 training course and completed a demo of GoTo Resolve (GTRe) or Rescue before midnight on the last day of the Promotion Period. GoTo reserves the right to reduce the duration of the Promotion Period on no less than 14 calendar days’ advance notice.

Chargebacks. GoTo may apply chargebacks for any deals that do not complete the demo during the Promotion Period. For the purposes of this program, the “chargeback” amount is equal to the cash equivalent of the incentive provided (including taxes and shipping). This is in addition to any other chargebacks that may apply under your Authorised Agent or Master Agent Agreement with GoTo.


Maximum Incentive Amount. Maximum payout of one incentive per customer but Partners may have more than one customer participate. No maximum on number of participating customers per Partner. All deals that are qualified, entered through PE and have completed a customer demo through the incentive process are eligible for payout. All amounts paid to the Master Agent pursuant to the terms of your agreement. Incentives are limited to one per deal per Partner per activity. Multiple demos for a single customer will not qualify for multiple incentive payouts.

Relationship to Agreement. Incentives provided under this incentive program are in addition to, and will be paid separately from, standard commissions calculated under the Authorised Agent, Master Agent or Reseller Agreement you have executed with GoTo. Contracted Reseller Partners may participate with payments made through the GoTo Accounts Payable system.

Payment & Taxes. Payment of any incentives will be made within 45 days of the end of the Promotion Period and will be paid in the same currency in which you generally receive your commission payments. You are responsible for all tax reporting and payment associated with the incentives. Deals must be both registered via Partner Exchange and closed within the Promotion Period. Closed deals must have a minimum TCV value of $3,000+, a minimum 2-year term and minimum 5 subscriptions (seats) to qualify for any payout.

* Contracted Reseller Partners must be set up as a vendor in GoTo AP system in order to be eligible for cash payments. GoTo reserves the right to change, edit or amend the details and/or terms and conditions of any incentive at any time.

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