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Terms & Conditions

Q1 Demo Incentive




Step 1: Partner completes GoTo Connect demo training

  • Payout: Backpack swag

  • Partner reaches out to their Partner Manager to request a demo training with their Solutions Engineer. Partner Manager sets up the call and records the training. Partner must have a demo account provisioned for GoTo Connect before the demo training with the Solutions Engineering team.

  • The recording of the demo training will be emailed post-event. The email will have link to swag claim page for Partner to fill out.


Step 2: Partner completes a customer demo.

  • Payout: £/€100 for each customer demo done by Partner.

  • Demos can be completed with any customer size. There is no limit to the number of demos. The incentive is only paid out once per customer.


Step 3: Partner moves opportunity to POC (minimum 50 seats)

  • Payout: £/€500 Payout for each completed POC

Terms & Conditions

  • Opportunity must be pre-qualified by Solutions Engineer before participating in a demo or POC.

  • Demos can be any customer or any seat size.

  • Minimum 50 seats for POC opportunities.

  • New GoTo Connect customers only – no renewals or add ons.

  • No cap on the number of demos or POCs partner can complete during the incentive quarter.

  • Payout limited to one demon and one POC per customer – multiple demos or POCs with the same customer will only qualify for one payment.

Promotion Period.


The Promotion Period begins January 1, 2023 and continues until March 31, 2023. To count a qualifying activity within the Promotion Period, the partner must have completed a customer demo or POC before midnight on the last day of the applicable month within the Promotion Period.

GoTo reserves the right to reduce the duration of the Promotion Period on no less than 14 calendar days’ advance notice.

Maximum Incentive Amount.

The maximum incentive amount available per Sub-Agent for each month of the Promotion Period is £/€5,000.00, all amounts paid to the Master Agent pursuant to the terms of your agreement.

No combination.


This incentive program cannot be combined with any other incentive programs or similar offers provided by GoTo.


Payment & Taxes.

Payment of any incentives will be made within 45 days of the end of the Promotion Period after data has been reviewed and 

validated. You are responsible for all tax reporting and payment associated with the incentives.

GoTo reserves the right to refuse/withhold payment on any opportunity that does not meet the intended criteria or intent of the promotion.


Relationship to Agreement.


Incentives provided under this incentive program are in addition to, and will be paid separately from, standard commissions calculated under the Authorized Agent or Mater Agent Agreement you have executed with GoTo.

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